Need for online protection noted by Information Commissioner

We have previously commented on issues such as “catfishing” and online bullying both being issues of concern in the area of child abuse.  The instant and anonymous access of social media forums as well as the interactive nature of online gaming, create opportunities for both those intent on abuse and those intent on bullying and blackmail.

Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner, has spoken out on this issue and feels that future generations will be “astonished to think that we ever didn’t protect kids online.” She spoke in a forward thinking address while launching the Age Appropriate Design Code as a new set of privacy codes to be set by her office. Social media sites, online gaming sites and streaming services will need to abide by these new rules.

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Trials and tribulations of upskirting

“Upskirting” has been a criminal offence in Scotland since 2010 and in England and Wales from April 2019. The recent change in England and Wales came about following years of campaigning by Gina Martin.

Ms Martin attended Hyde Park in July 2017 when a man took pictures from under her dress. She notified the police but was let down by the system when her complaints were not progressed and the investigations closed without prosecution. After a plea on Facebook, an online petition commenced and, despite intervention by a Conservative MP, Ms Martin has been successful in driving this matter into legislation.

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