The Truth Project

The Truth Project was set up in 2015 (as part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) to offer victims and survivors of child sexual abuse the chance to share their experiences and be heard in a respectful way. The aim was to provide recommendations to the government and institutions for changes in how to protect children in the future. 

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IICSA Internal Review Report – December 2016

On Friday 16 December 2016 the Chair of the IICSA, Professor Alexis Jay published her internal review of the operation of the Inquiry having held the post of Chair for four months.

The review sets out a detailed summary of the work undertaken so far by the Inquiry team in respect of the three projects (the public hearings, research and analysis and the Truth projects), and sets out the focus of the Inquiry’s work for 2017 and beyond.  Three appendices to the review record the detailed update for the 13 current investigations, the 2017/18 research programmes and the 2017 seminar program.  We will draw out the key points from these appendices in an additional blog over the next few days.

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IICSA – focus on victims and survivors; protection of children in the future; and business as usual

In the past few months the IICSA has been in the news because of the focus on its organisation and key personnel, rather that its core work. Prof Jay has announced that she will shortly report on the outcome of her internal review. In the meantime the IICSA is focusing on its relationship with victims and survivors and putting the Truth Project, which has been overlooked by much media comment, back at its core. It has said to victims and survivors: “We need to learn from your experience. You can help us understand how to keep children safe. Your voice is central to our Inquiry and your insights can help guide us forward to finding a better way to protect children. By sharing your experience and your opinions, you can make a difference to the lives of future generations and have a positive impact in changes to child protection policies.”

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