Shame and stigma for victims of female sexual abusers

Recent figures obtained by the BBC’s File on 4 show has brought to light the significant stigma and shame felt by of victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by female abusers. It has been suggested that there is a lack of understanding about  this type of abuse even though statistics confirm that there is a significant rise in such abuse being reported. Between 2015 and 2019 there was an increase in victims of sexual abuse by female abusers of 84%.

File on 4 obtained data from 36 UK Police forces which showed a rise of 1,249 cases to 2,297 cases during the period 2015 to 2019.

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Sibling sexual abuse

Sexual abuse between siblings is thought to be the most common abuse within a family setting. A January 2021 report by Stuart Allardyce, Director at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and Dr Peter Yates, lecturer and Programme Lead in Social Work at Edinburgh Napier University explores the issue.

Allardyce and Yates believe abuse by a child sibling is as much as three times as common as sexual abuse perpetrated by parent on a child.

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Abuse risks for employers with remote working arrangements

The present situation has created numerous changes to our working environment with many people working remotely from their homes, shed and garages.  In addition to the need to create new arrangements and structures people are struggling with managing work, home life and home schooling.

The growth in use of video conferencing facilities and portals does however create a new concern for employers.  The news in recent weeks has shown the rise in those hacking, or even just inviting themselves in to, work conferences and meetings.  These intruders have either committed acts of indecency or even uploaded pornographic material (some extreme and including images of child abuse) into these work forums.

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Football – an update

It has been reported in the press that the Football Association’s independent Inquiry into historical allegations of sexual abuse has found no evidence of organised institutional abuse or a cover-up.  The Inquiry, headed by Clive Sheldon QC, was launched in December 2016, following numerous high profile allegations of sexual abuse, and the final report is expected to be delivered to the Football Association in September 2018.  It is understood that the Inquiry team has to date interviewed 35 survivors of abuse and another 70 people who were involved in the sport at the relevant time.  It is also understood that the Inquiry team has had access to around 13,000 documents. The final report is still expected to be critical and to find failings by both individuals and football clubs themselves.  The Inquiry team is now writing to a number of institutions and individuals to give them advance warning of the contents of the final report so that they may have the opportunity to respond prior to the report being finalised. Continue reading

Update on the Australian National Redress Scheme

On the 19 June the Australian Parliament passed legislation to establish the National Redress Scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse, ensuring the scheme can begin on 1 July 2018. Continue reading

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week

This week (6-12 February) is Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week. The subject of abuse has certainly remained in the news over the past few days and a summary of some of the last week’s news topics shows how this is an issue which remains a challenge for many organisations. Ensuring safety of children now must be accompanied by regard for what has happened in the past and crucially what lessons can be learned for the future.

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Limitation in Scotland – including revival of old claims?

Last year the Scottish Government held a consultation on the removal of limitation in claims arising from sexual abuse. Since the consultation closed in September little has been said but it has now been announced that the recommendations will be progressed by the end of March. Continue reading