Old claims

In the case of RC v The Salvation Army (Western Australia) Property Trust [2021] WADC 117. The Court in Australia considered allegations made by a claimant over 60 years after events in question.

In summary, RC alleged that between 1959 – 1960 he was placed at Nedlands Boys’ Home which was operated by the Salvation Army. Whilst there he was sexually abused by an officer at the home.

In response to the claim for damages the defendant sought an order to permanently stay the case on the basis that they had exhausted all reasonable inquiries. Given the age of the allegation it was unable to meaningfully defend the action. It argued that it would not be in the interests of justice of the case to continue.

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Australian Redress Scheme about to get underway – 1st July, 2018

On the 10th May, 2018 the National Redress Scheme (the Scheme) legislation was introduced to the Parliament for Australia. This legislation replaces the Commonwealth legislation previously introduced and this allow for States and territories that join the Scheme to participate under law. Continue reading