#MeToo Movement: The Gundecha Brothers allegations

Allegations of sexual assault have been made against the late Ramakant Gundecha by former pupils of the Dhrupad Sansthan Music School in central India. The two brothers, Umakant and Akhilesh have also faced allegations by female students of the school, which was owned by Ramakant; allegations have been denied by the brothers.

Students have been drawn from all over the world to study at Dhrupad Sansthan as a prestigious and accredited music school, made all the more desirable due to the found fame of owner Ramakant and brother Umakant within the Hindustani music world. The news of the allegations has therefore shaken the community with the brothers previously being known inspirations for many aspiring young musicians.

Initially one female former pupil of Ramakant came forward but has continued to use a false name to protect her identity. It was alleged that whilst she was a pupil at the school, Ramakant sent inappropriate Whatsapp messages during her first week and later drove her to a dark car park where he molested her, and months later she was raped. The distress caused was exacerbated by the victim’s commitment to her music studies – she had left her job and invested all of her money into the school.

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Directors UK issues guidance regarding directing scenes containing nudity or simulated sex

In response to the #metoo movement, the UK’s professional association for directors, Directors UK, has issued guidance in respect of directing scenes containing nudity or simulated sex. The aim of the guidance is to redress some of the historic behaviours both during casting and on set, to rebalance the power dynamic between director and performer and to support performers during a task which places them in a vulnerable position.

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Harassment and sexual misconduct scandals at law firms

The #MeToo movement gained significant international attention following allegations of sexual assault and harassment by some of Hollywood’s stars. Following these revelations more prominence has been given to investigating and addressing harassment and sexual assault allegations especially within the workplace. As with many professions and industries allegations relating to the legal profession are coming to light. Continue reading