More than 30,000 reports of child sexual assaults in four years

A recent BBC investigation reveals that thousands of sexual assaults have taken place in schools in the past three years, with over one fifth of the assaults carried out by children on children in so called “peer on peer” abuse.

Almost 30,000 reports of children sexually assaulting other children have been made to the police in the last four years, that is an average 22 a day. This investigation is only the latest in a line of recent reports highlighting the increase of harmful sexual behaviour among children.

The BBC investigation, which was covered on the 5 Live Investigates Show on Sunday the 6 of September, 2017 reveals that more than 5,500 alleged sex crimes in UK schools were reported to police in the last three years. In some cases the victims and suspects were as young as five years old.

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IICSA Update

The IICSA is making progress with its work. Latest developments are detailed below.

Child migration

On 31 January 2017 the IICSA chair and panel held the second preliminary hearing on the Child Migration module which is part of the investigation into children outside the UK. Representatives of the five institutional and one complainant core participants attended the hearing which reviewed the scope of the two scheduled hearings, disclosure, witness evidence and various other practical preparations. The first of two public hearings for this module will begin on 27 February and last for two weeks. It will provide an introduction to, and history of, the child migration programmes and explain the involvement of various organisations as well as hear evidence from a number of former child migrants. The second hearing is scheduled to start on 10 July and will hear from the institutions involved and examine whether they took sufficient care to protect child migrants, the steps taken in response to allegations of sexual abuse and the adequacy of support and reparations thereafter.

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