Sexual Offences prosecutions in Northern Ireland take an average of nearly two years

The Department of Justice has produced figures which show that the average (median) time taken for processing cases where the main aspect was a sexual offence is 667 days.  This is in comparison to an average of 167 days in all other case or as low as 138 days for cases where the offences relate to public order offences.

The time is calculated from the point when the case was either reported to or detected by the PSNI until the date when the case was finally disposed of at court.

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Recommendations for changes to sex trials in NI announced

Sir John Gillen has presented his report on the handling of sexual assault and rape trials in Northern Ireland. This report was commissioned after a high profile rape trial saw two men acquitted of rape and two others acquitted of other offences connected to the same incident. The Review group heard from more than 200 organisations and individuals and considered the way these offences were handled across the globe.

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