Accountability & Reparations – Preliminary Hearing

A preliminary hearing was recently held to provide an update on the work of the Accountability & Reparations Investigation and to discuss the necessary preparations for the November/December hearing.  Continue reading

Criminal Compensation Seminars

The Accountability & Reparation Investigation of the IICSA will tomorrow (21 February) hold seminars to consider issues raised in the replies to the consultation on criminal compensation. The seminars will be streamed live on You Tube and transcripts will be published.

The consultation asked questions about reparation; the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS); Criminal Compensation Orders; reform and support. It is not surprising that the responses showed that there is no one size fits all model and there are a variety of outcomes which are sought.

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Final IICSA preliminary hearing of the week – Accountability & Reparation

The seventh preliminary hearing proceeded this morning. It is in respect of a thematic investigation which considers an issue rather than a specific organisation. It is unique in that it focuses on the aftermath of abuse rather than prevention. Continue reading