Under-18s can seek removal of online nude images of themselves

The Internet Watch Foundation (“IWF”) and Childline have created a service that will allow minors to request nude images or videos of themselves to be removed from the internet.

Childline and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) joined forces in 2013 to ensure young people of 17 years and under know where to turn to get sexually explicit images removed from the internet. The partnership was a result of a Childline survey of 13-18 year olds which revealed that young people are frequently taking huge risks by making and sending sexual images of themselves.

The IWF was first established in 1996 to fulfil an independent role in receiving, assessing and tracing public complaints about child sexual abuse content on the internet and to support the development of website rating systems. The IWF states it works hard to implement new technologies to improve the identification and removal of these images and videos.

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