An eventful day…

It has been an eventful day in Scotland both at the Scottish Child Abuse inquiry and in the Scottish Parliament.

The only remaining original panel member of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, Glenn Houston, has resigned, citing personal reasons.

That Inquiry, which Lady Smith continues to chair, confirmed today that it has rejected an application for core participant status by Wellbeing Scotland. Such status can be conferred by the Inquiry on individuals or organisations if they are considered to have a “significant role in all or part of the matters being considered by the Inquiry”. However,  Wellbeing Scotland has submitted a fresh application to become a core participant, which is now under consideration.

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Scottish update: Abuse Limitation Abolition Bill – parliamentary call for evidence

As we reported on this blog on 17 November 2016, a Bill to abolish the three year limitation rule in childhood abuse claims has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has now called for evidence by 11 January 2017 on the following:

  • whether there is consensus on the idea of removing the time bar;
  • the expected impact on survivors, defenders, and the courts;
  • whether there is agreement on the Government’s proposed definitions of ‘child’ and ‘abuse’; and
  • the proposal to allow previously litigated claims, which were unsuccessful in damages on account of time bar, to be re-raised.

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