£119,600,000 pledged to date by contributors to Scotland’s Redress Scheme

The Scottish Government has published a list of all the contributors that, to date, have agreed to make “a fair and meaningful financial contribution” to those who apply for payments under the Scottish Redress Scheme (“the Scheme”). 

Of the 10 contributors named so far, Scottish local authorities (comprised of the 32 Scottish Councils) are by far the largest, having agreed to pay £100,000,000 into the scheme.  Of the voluntary and religious organisations responsible for the care of children at the time of the abuse, the contributions agreed to date range from £10,000,000 to £500,000, with three organisations yet to agree a final figure with the government.

The list of contributors to the scheme will be revised and amended as parties are either added to or dropped from the list, or if information changes regarding the amount being contributed to the scheme by any party. 

As noted in a previous blog, the scheme is now open for applications from people who were abused while in care in Scotland, before 1 December 2004, and some next of kin. Applicants can apply for either a fixed rate payment of £10,000 or an individually assessed payment of up to £100,000 – the former having no requirement for the applicant to provide documentation as evidence of abuse, other than proof that they were living in a care setting when the abuse occurred.  For an individually assessed payment above the £10,000 fixed rate, an applicant must give details regarding the abuse their abusers, and provided documentary evidence in support of their application.

At a time of significant financial constraints being placed on voluntary organisations and perhaps even more so, on councils, it remains to be seen what adverse impact the agreement to contribute to the scheme will have on individual contributors, if any. Conversely, there may well be savings to be made by contributors, if they find they will face fewer individual civil claims for damages given that all applicants to the scheme who accept a redress payment will have to sign a waiver agreeing to abandon any civil proceedings that may already have been initiated. They will also waive their right to bring future proceedings.

The full list of contributors to the scheme can be found at www.gov.scot/publications/scotlands-redress-scheme-contributor-list/ .

Written by James Chambers at BLM (james.chambers@blmlaw.com)

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