IICSA – an update: investigations

There are 15 investigations – some have had multiple case studies, others have been more focused on specific issues or organisations. There have been hearings in most of these investigations, and reports published for some. The current position is as follows:

Investigation Case Study/Phase Hearing Report status
Accountability & Reparations Phase 1 – focus on the aftermath of child sexual abuse and the legal process of claiming compensation Concluded January 2019 Published September 2019
Accountability & Reparations Phase 2 – Should the law of limitation be reformed and what is the potential for a redress scheme Concluded February 2020 There is no separate report planned (it will be included in the final report)
Cambridge House, Knowl View & Rochdale Inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation at institutions with links to Rochdale Borough Council Concluded October 2017 Published April 2018
Child Sexual Exploitation by Organised Networks Eight themes to be considered in connection with 6 geographic areas September – October 2020 (delayed due to Covid 19) Not before 2021
Children in Custodial Institutions Focus on abuse 2009-2017 Concluded July 2018 Published February 2019
Children Outside the UK Phase 1 – child migration Concluded July 2017 Published March 2018
Children Outside the UK Phase 2 – statutory framework Concluded February 2019 Published January 2020
Effective Leadership of Child Protection Thematic investigation focusing on practical experiences of leadership and management December 2020 Not before 2021
Institutional Responses to allegations involving Lord Janner Consideration of institutional responses and any undue influence October 2020 Not before 2021
Lambeth Council Inquiry into any institutional failures to protect children in the care of Lambeth Council June – July 2020 Not before 2021
Nottinghamshire Councils Inquiry into any institutional failures to protect children in the care of Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire Councils Concluded October 2018 Published July 2019
Religious Organisations & Settings Thematic investigation considering current child protection policies, practices and procedures May 2020 – continuing August 2020 Not before 2021
Residential Schools Phase 1 – residential music and special schools Concluded October 2019 Awaited
Residential Schools Phase 2 – safeguarding procedures within the schools sector including day schools November 2020 Not before 2021
The Anglican Church Phase 1 – Diocese of Chichester and Peter Ball Concluded July 2018 Published May 2019
The Anglican Church Phase 2 – the response to allegations and the adequacy of safeguarding policies and procedures Concluded July 2019 Awaited
The Internet Institutional responses to child sexual abuse and exploitation facilitated by the internet Concluded May 2019 Published March 2020
The Roman Catholic Church The English Benedictine Congregations – Ampleforth & Downside Concluded December 2017 Published August 2018
The Roman Catholic Church The English Benedictine Congregation – Ealing Abbey Concluded February 2019 Published October 2019
The Roman Catholic Church The Archdiocese of Birmingham Concluded November 2018 Published June 2019
The Roman Catholic Church The extent of institutional failings to protect children and consideration of the current safeguarding regime Concluded November 2019 Awaited
Westminster Allegations of child sexual abuse and exploitation involving people of public prominence Concluded March 2019 Published February 2020


Paula Jefferson, Partner, BLM

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