The latest from the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) has added a further ten institutions to the list of establishments under investigation, taking the total number under investigation to 96.

Four young offenders institutions are among the ten now added along with three local authority establishments, a religious school, an independent school and an industrial school, which became an “Approved” and then a “List D” school.

SCAI continues to hear evidence during Phase 5 of its public hearings. This phase, on child migration programmes, is expected to run until late April 2020.

In spring 2020, SCAI plans to return to matters last considered during Phase 1 relating to the background to and context within which SCAI was established. There will be particular focus on Scottish Government’s knowledge of, and response to, allegations of abuse of children in care.

Phase 6 case studies on seven boarding schools are expected to start in July 2020.

The current intention is for the historical position on foster care to be examined around the end of 2020. Existing foster care provision will be considered later.

The recent addition of ten further institutions is likely to further prolong SCAI’s work which had originally been intended to conclude by October 2019 with the deadline then extended for completion “as soon as reasonably practicable”. SCAI’s cost already exceeds £30m with updated expenditure to be announced in mid-April 2020.

Written by Fiona McEwan and Frank Hughes at BLM


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