Metropolitan Police Superintendent sentenced at Old Bailey

Acting Chief Superintendent Novlett ‘Robyn’ Williams, who was praised for her work in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, had an exemplary disciplinary record and was awarded the Queen’s Policing Medal for distinguished service in 2003, was found guilty of possessing an indecent video of a child last week following her trial at the Old Bailey.

It was alleged that she failed to report her sister to the police for sending the 54 second clip which showed a five year old child engaging in a sex act with a man.  The jury accepted that Williams had not acted corruptly, but they found her defence that she had not seen the footage, which was sent to her by WhatsApp in February 2018, as implausible.

She was sentenced by Judge Richard Marks QC (26/11/19), who told the Old Bailey that her grave error of judgement was likely to have immense implications for her career. She was ordered to carry out 200 hours community service.

The IOPC is carrying out an independent misconduct investigation into the actions of Supt Williams.  She was appointed borough commander for Sutton in 2017 but was moved from the post and placed on restricted duties after the investigation into the indecent images was launched.


Written by Diana Goldstein, associate, BLM

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