Primark security guard jailed

A Primark security guard has been jailed after being found guilty of the rape and sexual assault of four underage girls who were found shop lifting from the store.  Zia Uddin, who worked at the chain’s Kingston upon Thames store, caught the girls shoplifting then abused his authority by telling them he would let them go without informing the police or their parents about their thefts if they performed sexual acts on him.

Uddin was found to have used his knowledge of the stores CCTV camera system to identify blind spots enabling him to carry out the assaults undetected. His conduct was only unearthed when colleagues spotted him behaving strangely, not completing incident papers work properly and requesting that CCTV be deleted.  An investigation found Uddin had made further attempts to contact other teenage girls who had been caught shoplifting at the store having obtained their telephone numbers through the incidents.

Throughout the trial Uddin refused to admit his guilt, claiming his 4 victims were liars and refused to accept responsibility for his actions.  Uddin was jailed or 14 years and given a lifelong ban from working with children.


Sarah Murray-Smith, Partner, BLM

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