Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) update

SCAI is now sitting again to hear evidence in public session from Tuesday 10 September 2019. Between 10 September and 5 November 2019, SCAI plans to conclude hearing evidence and submissions for its Phase 4 case studies on residential care establishments run by male religious orders.

SCAI’s work has been ongoing since it last sat in public on 26 July 2019, notably on case study findings on evidence heard at Phase 3 on residential care establishments run by non-religious and voluntary organisations. Publication of these findings is anticipated fairly soon.

The current plan is for Phase 5, on child migration programmes, to start in early December 2019. The intention is for all evidence heard in December 2019 to be by video link. In late February 2020, the second part of Phase 5 will begin hearing oral evidence in person.

In spring 2020, SCAI plans to return to matters last considered during Phase 1 relating to the background to and context within which SCAI was established. There will be a particular focus on Scottish Government’s knowledge of and response to allegations of abuse of children in care.

Phase 6 case studies on seven boarding schools will start in summer 2020.

The current plan is for the historical position on foster care to be examined around the end of 2020. Existing foster care provision will be considered later.


Frank Hughes, Partner


Fiona McEwan, Associate

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