IICSA – Accountability and Redress

IICSA has today invited core participant applications for the next phase of this investigation. Having heard from a variety of participants in connection with five case studies, a report for which is due shortly, consideration is now being made of phase 2. That phase will consider two questions:

  1. Whether the law of limitation should be reformed to make it easier for victims and survivors to bring claims in respect of non-recent child sexual abuse.
  2. The potential for a redress scheme to offer accountability and reparation to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

Any individual or organisation wishing to apply for core participant status should do so by 11 September.

These questions will have potentially far reaching implications for a wide range of organisations – from those who have had direct involvement with the care of children in the past or present and who have or may face claims for damages through to the insurers of those organisations.

jefferson_p_web Written by Paula Jefferson, partner and head of abuse and neglect at BLM

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