Update on the Advance Payment Scheme in Scotland

The Advanced Payment Scheme (APS) is open to anyone who was in care as a child and was abused in care in Scotland before December 2004. Payments will be made on a discretionary basis to those who have a terminal illness or who are age 70 or over.

The APS has worked well with the first payments being made within three weeks of its launch.

The Deputy First Minister, John Swinney issued an update in mid-June, 2019:-

  • 71 payments to survivors of childhood abuse in care have been now approved
  • 52 further applications being considered
  • 150 application packs have been sent out by the Scottish Government  since the APS opened
  • 500 application packs have been downloaded from the Scottish Government website.

The applicants will receive a flat-rate £10,000 payment under the Scottish Government’s scheme to provide acknowledgement for those who were abused in care in Scotland.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

I am pleased that more than 70 payments have now been approved under the Advance Payment Scheme, which recognises the harm done to children who were abused while in care.

“We continue to do everything possible to help survivors and their families though our simple application process and, where appropriate, we point them to sources of care records. As a result, no-one has been refused an application due to lack of documentary evidence of being in care.”

The APS comes ahead of the planned legislation for a statutory redress scheme for survivors of abuse in care in Scotland, which the Scottish Government intends will pass its final Parliamentary stages before March 2021.

news_21734JD Written by Sharon Moohan at BLM

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