Conviction of Carl Beech

Carl Beech, previously known as ‘Nick’, who was alleged to have made numerous false allegations that led to Operation Midland, a £2m police investigation into a supposed VIP paedophile ring, was this week found guilty of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.  Today he has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

Beech maintained a denial of all the charges brought against him. No arrests or charges were ever made during the course of the “Westminster” investigation.  Jurors took only four and a half hours to reach their verdicts following a 12 week trial. Beech, a former paediatric nurse, school governor and hospital inspector pleaded guilty in a separate trial in January to four counts of making indecent photographs of children, one count of possessing indecent images of children and one count of voyeurism.

Beech alleged that many senior prominent and establishment figures including Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor and Lord Bramall were involved in the rape, kidnap and murder of boys in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  A police officer described these allegations in 2014 as ‘credible and true’. It has now been revealed that Beech also claimed to have been abused by John J Louis Jr, the former US ambassador to Britain as well as a number of unnamed Saudi diplomats.  His claim that he had been raped by Jimmy Savile resulted in him fraudulently claiming £22,000 in compensation from the CICB.

The investigation into the purported “Westminster” ring closed in 2016 after a report into Operation Midland by a retired High Court judge with Beech being referred for investigation by Northumbria Police.  He subsequently fled to a remote part of north Sweden where he attempted to set up a bed and breakfast.

Met Police deputy commissioner Sir Stephen House accepted the force “did not get everything right“, but said all officers investigated by the police watchdog in relation to the matter had been found to have been working “in good faith“.

Proctor, who is currently suing the Metropolitan Police Force for compensation called for urgent inquiries, including safeguarding investigations, into places where Beech has worked in the past, including the NHS and Care Quality Commission.  Beech also volunteered for the NSCPCC’s school service department between 2012 and 2015.  The NSPCC said Beech had no connection with the charity when the offences came to light and that its volunteers were subject to “strenuous and thorough” safeguarding checks.  They have said that they hope Beech’s actions “don’t prevent other abuse survivors from getting the justice they deserve.

Proctor also criticised Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson, who met Beech in 2014 and discussed the allegations, ‘giving oxygen’ to Beech’s allegations. Watson has since said that “It was not my role to judge whether victims’ stories were true. I encouraged every person that came to me to take their story to the police and that is what I did with Nick. I hope this trial, and the case of one person, does not prevent survivors of child sexual abuse coming forward and reporting their experiences to the police.

Written by Michael Lee at BLM

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