England’s schools are the worst for cyber bullying

The latest Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD’s) Teaching and Learning International survey has concluded that English schools are the worst for cyber bullying. The survey included data from 250,000 teachers from 48 industrialised countries and regions. It has found that teachers from English schools are more likely to face more problems from cyber bullying and the misuse of social media that any of the other 47 counties tested.

In England 2,376 teachers of children aged 11-14 and 157 head teachers completed the survey.

The survey is carried out every 5 years and indicated a significant increase in bullying which is driven by forms of cyber bullying.

The survey concluded that of those English schools asked, 14% say they faced problems reported by pupils or parents relating to hurtful material posted online, compared to an international average of 2%.

The United States has the next highest percentage at 10%.

The survey also established that English schools faced problems with pupils receiving unwanted contact online. 27% of those English school teachers asked said they deal with this type of problem each week. The international average was 2%.

Australia has the next highest percentage at 16%.

Are these problems linked to the use of mobile phones in schools? France has banned mobile phones from schools, but will this make a difference?

The OECD’s education director Andreas Schleicher blamed the problem on the lack of social media regulation in England and believes a clearer policy on cyber bullying should be introduced in England to ensure the issue is prioritised and helps schools know what to do.

The OECD’s findings are backed up by researched from Ofcom published earlier this year, which found that one in four children in the UK have experienced a form of online abuse in the past 12 months and 38% of those asked said they had been subjected to offensive language online.

Nicola Aspinwall 1cropped Written by Nicola Aspinwall at BLM

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