Online facilitated child sexual abuse in numbers

The challenges which arise from the internet with regard to the safety of children are huge. IICSA, in a thematic investigation, is seeking to look at the issue and in due course will make recommendations for change. There have been two hearings, the first in January 2018 considered evidence in relating to the law enforcement response to online-facilitated child sexual abuse. In May this year a second hearing considered the adequacy of the response of the internet industry and government to such abuse. During this week on the Abuse News Blog we will publish a series of blogs which comment on not just the IICSA hearings but also wider matters relating to the internet and child sexual abuse.

The scale and impact of the internet in connection with child sexual abuse can be seen from some of the statistics . The numbers statistics cited in the recent IICSA hearing:




Written by Paula Jefferson, partner and head of the Abuse and Neglect Team at BLM

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