Scouting Ireland to issue institutional apology to abuse victims

Scouting Ireland is expected to issue an institutional apology to victims of abuse in the organisations which preceded the creation of the Irish scouting group.  Scouting Ireland was created when Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland and the Scout Association of Ireland merged into a single organisation.

It is believed there have been over 320 victims identified and almost 250 alleged abusers not including cases of peer abuse allegations.  Investigations into allegations have been on going for some time now and a recent report to the Irish Minister for Children suggests that the organisation will be making an open apology to all victims.

The allegations mainly cover the period from the 1960s to the 1990s.

While counselling services are already provided the organisation will be giving consideration to the financial implications of the allegations and will need to address how that can be dealt with into the future.

It should be noted that the allegations deal with the legacy organisations rather than Scouting Ireland itself and the new entity is dealing with a past they have inherited rather than one of their own.

Canavan_F-BLM7-web  Written by Fintan Canavan at BLM

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