Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI): an update

Overview of present position

SCAI’s work, which started in October 2015, continues. SCAI is to report, with recommendations, to Scottish Ministers as soon as reasonably practicable after October 2019.

SCAI’s overall aim is to raise public awareness of the abuse of children in care (under 18) for the period “within living memory” of any person who suffered such abuse no later than 17 December 2014.

To date, SCAI has heard evidence in public during three phases. One set of findings relating to one part of one of the phases has been published. Further findings are anticipated shortly. Various expert reports have been commissioned and published.

The cost of SCAI to end 2018 was £19,737,688. Expenditure is published quarterly.

Next evidence

Child migrants

At 8pm on Monday 25 March 2019, SCAI will hear the evidence, via video link from Australia, of a witness whose evidence is relevant to the child migration case study.

This case study is not planned to take place until the latter part of this year but certain evidence is being taken in advance where there are reasons for doing so.

Male religious orders

On 4 June 2019, Phase 4 of public hearings at SCAI will start.

Evidence will be heard during this phase on residential child care establishments run by male religious orders.

Hughes_Frank_2015_web McEwan_F-211_print

Authors: Frank Hughes, partner and Fiona McEwan, associate

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