Australia – Institutions that have not yet joined the Scheme

In establishing the National Redress Scheme the Australian Government was very clear that it expected every institution in which sexual abuse of children occurred to be accountable for that abuse and to join the Scheme and provide redress.

In fact the Australian Department of Social Services has a dedicated team who contacts Institutions that may have responsibility for abuse, strongly encourages them to join the Scheme, and provides information about how to do so.

In its latest update the National Redress Scheme has confirmed that the following institutions are taking the necessary steps to join the Scheme and they are as follows:

  • Christian Brothers
  • Marist Brothers Australia
  • Baptist Churches Western Australia
  • Baptist Churches Tasmania

Three more Anglican organisations have joined the Scheme, they are:

  • Anglican Diocese of Adelaide
  • Moore Theological College Council
  • St Andrew’s House Corporation

There is also an interactive map of institutions that have joined the Scheme at:

While many institutions have joined and others are in the process of joining the Australian Government are advising Institutions that have not yet commenced the process to join the Scheme to do so quickly and have reminded Institutions that although they have until the 30 June 2020 to join the Scheme, the Australian Government expects them to make every effort to join at the earliest possible opportunity.

Clearly with this in mind on the 1 March 2019 the Scheme has released a list of the institutions which have not yet joined the Scheme.

These institutions were identified in the course of the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and they are as follows:-

  • Australian Indigenous Ministries
  • Brisbane Grammar
  • Catholic – Cistercian Monks
  • Catholic – Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion
  • Catholic – Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus
  • Catholic – Loreto Sisters – Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Catholic – Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
  • Catholic – Order of Friars Minor Conventual
  • Catholic – Resurrection Sisters
  • Catholic – Salvatorian Fathers – Society of the Divine Saviour
  • Catholic – Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary
  • Catholic – Servite Friars – Order of Servants of Mary
  • Catholic – Sisters of Nazareth
  • Catholic – SDC Brothers – Society of Christian Doctrine
  • Catholic – The Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family
  • Church of England Boys’ Society
  • Fairbridge Society
  • Football NSW
  • Gold Coast Family Support Group (now FSG Australia)
  • Hunter Aboriginal Children’s Services (HACS)
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • North Coast Children’s Home
  • Presbyterian Church ACT
  • Presbyterian Church NSW
  • Presbyterian Church NT
  • Presbyterian Church SA
  • Presbyterian Church TAS
  • Presbyterian Church WA
  • RG Dance Pty Ltd
  • Satyanada Yoga Ashram
  • St John Ambulance (NSW)
  • St John Ambulance (SA)
  • Swimming Australia
  • Tennis NSW
  • The King’s School, Parramatta
  • The Legacy Clubs in Australia –  (The Legacy Club of Brisbane is participating)
  • Yeshiva Centre and the Yeshiva College Bondi

The National Redress Scheme is also keen to point out that the above list only covers Institutions named by the Royal Commission, but there can be little doubt that there are other institutions which were not named or identified by the Royal Commission where abuse took place and the Australian Government expects these Institutions to also be accountable for the abuse and to join the Scheme.

While applications can be made to the Scheme identifying institutions that have not yet joined the Scheme, the application cannot be formally assessed under the Scheme until the relevant Institution has joined.

No doubt it is for this reason that the Australian Government and the National Redress Scheme are being particularly active in encouraging early participation as if Institutions don’t join the Scheme it will prevent the Scheme providing timely redress to the people who were abused in those institutions.

Moohan_Sharonv2 Authored by Sharon Moohan, partner

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