Scottish Limitation Abolition Bill and Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Update

The Scottish Parliament has confirmed that it will debate the Limitation Abolition Bill, at Stage 1, in the afternoon of Thursday 27 April.

In other news, the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, whose cost from its set-up on 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2017 has recently been confirmed at over £5.7m, has now set the timetable for Phase 1 of its Public Hearings. Commencing on 31 May there are evidence sessions scheduled to 9 June covering:

  • the legislative and regulatory framework governing children in care in Scotland up to 1968;
  • the early development of care services in Scotland;
  • societal attitudes towards children;
  • the nature and prevalence of child abuse in Scotland;
  • the State’s areas of responsibility for children in residential and foster care in Scotland; and
  • the hierarchy of Catholic institutions.

There are then two weeks of evidence scheduled from religious orders, commencing on 13 June, then a week’s evidence on major care providers due to commence on 27 June, followed by evidence from survivors’ groups, with legal submissions, on Phase 1, set for 11 and 12 July.

Phase 2 of the Public Hearings is expected to start in autumn 2017, with detailed examination of particular establishments run by religious orders.

Written by Frank Hughes and Siobhan Kelly, partners, Glasgow

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