Key dates in abuse inquiries

As a new year starts we can expect some significant developments in the next few months in the various abuse related inquiries.

The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry – Northern Ireland – the final report was submitted to the Minister on 6 January and will be published on 20 January.

The report will comment upon:

  • An apology – by whom and the nature of the apology;
  • Findings of institutional or state failings in their duties towards the children in their care and if these failings were systemic;
  • Recommendations as to an appropriate memorial or tribute to those who suffered abuse;
  • The requirement or desirability for redress to be provided by the institution and/or the Executive to meet the particular needs of victims.

The nature or level of any potential redress (financial or the provision of services) is a matter which, it has been indicated, the Executive will discuss and agree following receipt of the report.

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry – Scotland – a preliminary hearing will proceed on 31 January which will explain the Inquiry’s approach to its work, provide an update on the Inquiry’s current investigations and set out the Inquiry’s key procedures including how people and interested parties may participate in the Inquiry and the different ways in which the Inquiry is gathering evidence.

IICSA – England & Wales – a preliminary hearing in the investigation in to children overseas will be held on 31 January with the first full public hearing starting on 27 February. It will specifically consider the issue of child migration.

Independent Jersey Care Inquiry – Jersey – its final report which was to have been published by the end of 2016 will now be published by the end of March 2017.

Further details about each of these events will be published on this blog.


Written by Paula Jefferson, partner

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