Sport, abuse and some recommendations

As football clubs across the UK face looking in to past behaviours and failures the Royal Commission has today published its report in to case study 39 which considered incidents of sexual abuse in football, tennis and cricket.

Football clubs across England and Scotland have been in the headlines not just in the sports sections of the press for the past few days. However abuse in sport has sadly but not unexpectedly just been in football. Just this week as a result of all of the publicity other sportsmen and women have spoken out about being abused.

The NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit has been working with many sports organisations since 2001 to address safeguarding in sport. It has many resources available to help those involved in sport activities at all levels to ensure a safe environment for children now.

The Royal Commission report contains further recommendations and although written in the context of specific incidents in Australia the wider principles apply throughout the world.‎ Indeed as sport crosses jurisdictions and continents it is important to ensure consistency of approach wherever the sporting activity occurs.

Written by Paula Jefferson, partner

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