Accountability & Reparation investigation seminars

Today the first seminars held by the IICSA begin with consideration over two days in eight sessions of issues relating to the civil justice system. These seminars will be live streamed.

Earlier this year the IICSA published a paper asking a series of questions about the civil justice system. It received 29 responses. It has now invited representatives from some key stakeholder groups to discuss some of the issues raised.‎ This is the first engagement with key groups and will be followed by further seminars including with victims and survivors in 2017.

A summary of the themes raised by those who responded has been published along with all of the submissions.‎ The first meeting is at 10am and is an open discussion with claimant stakeholders on access to justice for victims and survivors. Thereafter there are further open discussions as follows:

11.30 – Defendant stakeholders on civil litigation

13.30 – Limitation

14.55 – Civil litigation

Day 2

10.00 – Compensation

11.30 – Other types of accountability and reparation

13.30 – Possible reforms

15.10 – Redress

The invited stakeholders include representatives from insurer‎s, and claimant and defendant solicitors who regularly act in this area.


Written by Paula Jefferson, partner

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