IICSA further resignations

Following the events of the last 48 hours it is no surprise that Ben Emmerson QC has now confirmed his resignation as counsel to the Inquiry. Earlier today his supporting counsel Elizabeth Prochaska announced she had resigned on 15 September.

Prof Jay has sought today to reassure all those involved in the Inquiry that it’s work continues. Three statements have been made, the first denying the reports of differences of opinion; the second seeking to reassure those involved; the third acknowledging the resignation and stating that there has been no difference of opinion. That is also stated in the resignation letter published by Mr Emmerson.

The last 48 hours have not been positive for the Inquiry and as matters progressed a further resignation seemed the obvious outcome. As part of the ongoing internal review it must be hoped that there is a swift replacement and a full statement of the Inquiry progress to date and timetable for the next six months.


Paula Jefferson, Partner

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