IICSA preliminary hearings this week

The IICSA will hold preliminary hearings in seven investigations this week.

Four are second hearings in respect of which it is anticipated further guidance on full hearings and timetables will be given; three are initial hearings to consider core participants, broadcasting etc. We will provide an update on the key themes and developments from the hearings over the next few days. The timetable for the hearings is as follows:

Tuesday 26 July, 10.30 am – Lord Janner

Wednesday 27 July, 10.30 am – The Anglican Church

Wednesday 27 July 11.45 am – Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale

Wednesday 27 July 2.00 pm – Lambeth Council

Thursday 28 July, 10.30 am – The Roman Catholic Church

Thursday 28 July, 2.00 pm – Protection of Children Outside the UK

Friday 29 July, 10.30 am – Accountability and Reparations

All hearings will be held in Court 73 of the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London.


Written by Paula Jefferson, Partner

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