Reviews and Inquiries

Dame Janet Smith’s completed Report in connection with matters relating to Jimmy Saville and the BBC has been delivered by her to Lord Hall, who received it on behalf of the BBC’s Executive Board. The Report is expected to be published by the BBC Trust on 25 February 2016.  The arrangements for publication will be announced by the BBC.

The Church of England has today announced it has appointed Dame Mora Gibbs to undertake a review in connection with who in the Church of England knew about sexual abuse carried out by the former Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester. The review of the Ball case will consider what information was available to the Church of England, who had it and when. The report of the review is expected to be published within a year.

The Bishop of Rochester also recently announced the Panel which will undertake a Review into the treatment of former residents at the Church of England’s Kendall House in Gravesend.



Written by Paula Jefferson, partner

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